"Manage Your Business, While We Manage Your IT Requirement"
Business Application Solutions Enterprise Incorporated
Minority, Woman Owned


BASe Inc's strongest client base is the Federal, State, and Local government contracts awarded by the U.S. government. We find, develop and manage government opportunities internally, we out-source the effort to a professional marketer to help us obtain the leads for potential government contracts. In our infancy, we are minimally staffed, therefore, outsourcing the help for writing proposals that are competitive and compliant with Federal solicitations is the way to go for our company at this point in time. Our projection plan accounts for 30% of our business to include U.S. Government contracts, split evenly at 10% across the three levels of government. Overtime we plan for this pro-rata share to increase as our company expands and grows.

The remaining pro-rata split of our business market - 70%, constitutes the market for small, and emerging businesses. Historically, smaller businesses have been at a clear information technology disadvantage to larger, more established ones.
Limited capital and the inability to create economies of scale have placed smaller businesses behind the technology curve. Our small business focus is on implementing a stable and secure technology environment for operations. This enhanced technology will allow them to integrate their processes and procedures, enhancing operations for finance, sales, production, and reporting.

We've stated several times how BASe Inc. is a minority-female owned company. It is only fair to say that a big part of the small business sector market that BASe Inc. will pursue will be other minority-owned small businesses. We recognize the overall number for this particular market segment is relatively small, however, we are committed to helping and assisting others like us, having a fair shake at the professional service we offer just like any other business or agency requiring IT business help.

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